We are deeply sorry to hear about the loss of a wonderful artist, Jack Whitten, who died on January 20th 2018 in New York.

Jack Whitten took part of the civil rights movement in the USA where he met both Martin Luther King and the civil rights leader Malcolm X. He moved to New York and started his career as an abstract expressionist where he developed his own and unique style and discussion in the form of painting. He was after something non-relational versus i. e. De Kooning and his peers. Whitten saw the influence of photography on painting and in 1973, he started to include paint as collage. He’s been a great teacher to all of us. I am grateful to have worked with Jack Whitten and I have lost a friend whom I admired.

Abb.: Double Dutch, 1985


Geschrieben von Jochen Kienzle

Die Kienzle Art Foundation wurde 2010 gegründet und widmet sich, basierend auf der Initiative des Berliner Sammlers und Galeristen Jochen Kienzle, der öffentlichen Vermittlung von Kunst in Form von Ausstellungen, Publikationen, Vorträgen.