Show 35

VIA 1998 – 2024

Achim Sakic

April 6 – June 30, 2024

Kienzle Art Foundation Berlin, Bleiostiftzeichnung von Achim Sakic, Titel: Bilder gestellt, 2022

The Kienzle Art Foundation is pleased to present Achim Sakic (*1965 in Klein-Zimmern, Germany) with his solo exhibition VIA 1998 – 2024.

In a conceptual arrangement, Sakic brings together his drawings from the 1990s to the present. The pictorial spaces are often conceived as a stage, filled with overlapping art quotations that enter into a dialogue with each other. They are complemented by seemingly familiar pictorial fragments, anamorphic structures, reflections, foreshortened perspectives and foldings that come together in unusual ways to create something that lies outside of themselves in meticulously thought-out contextualisations. Standing, leaning, intertwining, folded and operating in confined spaces, the viewer is presented with a conglomeration of extraordinary formations.