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Christian Flamm trifft Birgit Megerle und André Butzer in der Galerie Kinezle & Gmeiner: Kunst

Christian Flamm | Birgit Megerle | André Butzer

May 16 - June 27, 1998

Christian Flamm Meets Birgit Megerle and André Butzer at the Galerie Kienzle & Gmeiner: Art. The title identifies the solid base necessary for a gallery exhibition: the names of the artists who want to meet there and the field “art” within which the participants necessarily move. Yet this method also concealed the expectation that the project at the gallery might lead to overstepping these guidelines into an area beyond that defined by the names stated and beyond (gallery) art.

Flamm, who is twenty-three and lives in Berlin, has been moving along an age-appropriate path since he was eighteen. His 1998 work at the Künstlerhaus Stuttgart was titled The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far from the Tree: (Art) and was located largely on the floor of the exhibition space, where there was enough room to depict with subtlety what signs were being worked. In any case, the computer as tool cannot be ignored in the process.

Flamm, the twenty-two-year-old painter Birgit Megerle, and André Butzer, aged twenty-four, are friends. Collective work is also an important aspect of the Akademie Isotrop, Hamburg, of which Megerle and Butzer are members.

The publication Isotrop no. 2 will be presented the evening before the opening at nearby Schillerstraße 6.

Ausstellungsansicht | Christian Flamm

Galerie Kienzle&Gmeiner, Ausstellungsansicht Christian Flamm, 1998

Ausstellungsansicht | Christian Flamm